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Former 2 time Heavyweight Champions George Foreman’s recent Documentary “Foreman” was an enlightening reminder of the Jekyll and Hyde versions between the 1974 Champion and the man who reclaimed the title a remarkable 20 years later in 1994.

Foreman seemed to be the reincarnation of Sonny Liston in the 70’s having destroyed Joe Frazier in Jamaica in 1973 to become Heavyweight Champion.   He went on to destroy Ken Norton in 2 rounds as he had similarly done with Frazier and was expected to dismantle a 32 year old Ali who had losses against both Frazier and Norton before gaining revenge against both fighters.

The loss to Ali in the “Rumble in the Jungle” in Zaire was the beginning of the end of the menacing first incarnation of Foreman who suddenly quit Boxing  2 years later after an out of body experience in the dressing room after his loss to Jimmy Ellis which was an eliminator to fight Ali which Foreman desperately wanted.

The Foreman that returned to Boxing in the late 80’s was a completely different character to the one in the 70’s who was more of a friendly giant to the scowling, moody fighter known before.

Foreman at the age of 45 became Champions of the World again by knocking out Michael Moorer for the IBF and WBA titles.

I disagree with some view in the Documentary that the older version of Foreman is better than the young 25 year old Former Champion.

A fine Documentary worth seeing for all fight fans and also inspirational.


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