The Original Hitman – Thomas Hearns


Mention the  nickname  “The Hitman” to fight fans today and many will automatically think of Ricky Hatton.  However Detroit’s Thomas Hearns carried the nickname with incredible success during his illustrious career.

Fighting under the tutelage of the great Emanuel Steward, Hearns rose from being a light punching welterweight to becoming one of the most fearsome punchers of all time.

Standing 6 ft. 1 inches with a reach of 78 inches, Hearns became the first man to win world titles in 5 weight divisions from welterweight to light heavyweight.

In what is considered the golden era of Boxing for Super Fights in the 80’s, Hearns took on legendary fighters Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran and Marvin Hagler.  These fighters later became known as “The Fabulous Four” as the four fighters all fought each other in world title fights.

Although dramatically losing to Leonard in their first fight and Hagler, both fights are considered as classics in Boxing history with the first round against Hagler arguably the best round in middleweight history.

The explosive knockout of Roberto Duran in the 2nd round was testament to the explosive power that Hearns possessed in which Duran landed face first to the canvas.   Duran had previously never been counted out of a fight.

Here are some of the most memorable knockouts from the original “Hitman” to enjoy:












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