The Best of “Terrible” Terry Norris

Three-time light-middleweight world champion “Terrible” Terry Norris was involved in many entertaining fights throughout his career having fought some of the biggest names of his era in Julian Jackson, Donald Curry and Meldrick Taylor to name a few.

He caught global prominence in 1991 after massacring a faded Sugar Ray Leonard over 12 rounds in which Leonard was floored on two occasions which convinced him to quit the ring for another 6 years.

Lightening hand speed along with knockout power, made Norris a fighter popular wth fight fans in which the beaten Leonard along with George Foreman had predicted a bright future which could lead to greatness.

However despite winning the light-middleweight title on three ocassions during the 90’s, Norris didn’t reach the dizzy heights of legendary status predicted by Leonard and Foreman in which the Texan was caught flush with heavy punches far too many times during his fight career.

By the end of December 1997, Norris’s career at championship level was ended by Keith Mullings with a 9th round stoppage leaving Norris with a career record of 46 wins with 9 losses. (Disqualified 3 times)

Sadly, Norris today suffers from brain damage which has a detrimential effect on his speech and coordination.

Knockout Sports TV salutes “Terrible”  Terry Norris with a selection of some of the notable classic fights he was involved in which showcases his devastating hand speed and knockout power.

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