The Miracle Man Defies Logic!

The history of Boxing in the heavyweight division has shown us that making a comeback after a considerable lay-off to challenge for the heavyweight title normally ends in failure. Muhammad Ali’s “Fight of the Century” with Joe Frazier was a prime example of that despite two warm-up fights against world-class opponents in Jerry Quarry and Oscar Bonavena.   However the controversial outcome in declaring the fight between WBC champion Deontay Wilder and Lineal Champion Tyson Fury a draw, robbed the Gypsy King of a fairytale victory which would not have looked out of place in a Hollywood movie.

For the majority of the fight, Fury outboxed the Bronze Bomber and seemed to most fight fans to be well ahead after 12 rounds despite been knocked down twice in the 9th and even more viciously in a dramatic final round in which at the time it looked for sure that Fury wouldn’t beat the count once that dynamite of a punch landed.  Up until 4 seconds of the count, Fury seemed as if he would not rise to his feet however just like Lazarus, he not only arose from his Boxing grave but actually finished the round stronger than Wilder which defied belief.

How Mexican Judge Alejandro Rochin scored the fight 115-111 for WBC champion Wilder and gave the first 4 rounds to the Bronze Bomber was a shock and puts into question the competence of Judges with Canadian Robert Tapper scoring the fight 114-112 for Fury and England’s Phil Edwards scoring the fight 113-113.

Thankfully, it seems that both Wilder and Fury are keen for a rematch and if we are to go by how quick negotiations were agreed for the first fight, fight fans can look forward to Wilder/Fury II.   Will a second fight be a similar replica of the first fight with Fury outboxing Wilder  or will the Bronze Bomber catch Fury with a similar punch to the 12th round early to end the fight?  It’ll be fun finding out in 2019!

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